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Gemalt Gegossen Gesprochen – Ausstellung Nonhoff & Schuster – #gemago

bnonhoff/ January 24, 2018/ Allgemein, art, exhibition

Aktuelle Ausstellung 2018 der Künstler Nonhoff, Schuster und Nonhoff in Glonn bei München     Wir freuen uns über zahlreiche Besucher zu unserer Aktuellen Ausstellung im Februar. Ausstellungsinformation Von und mit Sandra Nonhoff, Gemälde Hermann W. Schuster, Bildhauer Björn Nonhoff, Gemälde und Texte   Öffnungszeiten und Veranstaltungen Freitag    23.2.2018 19:00 bis 22:30 Uhr,                Vinyl DJ Gerald Vilcsko Samstag  24.2.2018 12:00 bis 18:00,                         16:30 Künstlergespäch und Führung Sonntag  25.2.2018 10:00 bis 17:00,                         Matinee mit dem Geschichtenerzähler Björn Nonhoff um 11 Uhr   Künstlerinfo: Die drei Beiräte des Kunsvereins Ebersberg präsentieren aktuelle Arbeiten moderner zeitgenössischer Kunst in der Ausstellung „gemalt, gegossen & gesprochen“. Die Eröffnung wird von dem bekannten Vinyl DJ

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Video Installation – Musen und Museen von Björn Nonhoff

bnonhoff/ January 22, 2018/ Allgemein, art, contemporary art, videoart

Video Installation Musen and Museen – by contemporary artist Björn Nonhoff a unique video with famous museums combined with famous installatons original sound and natural video effects 30 minutes journey to the deep truth of our being #videoart 2018   It is about impermanence It is about karma it is about the wonder of life it is about music it is about art it is about silence it is about you About Muses and Museums The films were shot during 2017 and 2018 in different museums around europe. It contains scenes from the Tate Modern in London, Haus der Kunst, Galleries, Neue Pinakothek, Hypo Kunsthalle  and Brandhorst musum in munich,

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self compassion – Contemporary art work

bnonhoff/ January 14, 2018/ Allgemein, art, contemporary art, exhibition, gallery, lifelines

 lifelines an art series by Björn Nonhoff   145cm x 155 cm acryl on canvass #lifelines, 2017 by the artist Björn Nonhoff  lifelines. my wish for this piece of work is, that it finds a place to a well-visited museum and gallery. Our life is taking us to planned and unplanned areas. Some of them are like wide open space, others narrow and full of stress.  This work reflects the integration of structure and chaos. It combines words, lines, and spaces in order to show the different meeting points between them. Words and graffiti-like taglines point from right into the left side. The direction in the western world where we are

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Momentary – The father son photo experience

bnonhoff/ November 13, 2017/ art, gallery, photography

Momentary – a gerhard richter inspired photo series Artwork by Björn Nonhoff. First Exhibition: planned 2018 in germany   About the series When travelling to London for a father and son trip due to his 16th birthday we had to commute to Gatwick airport. The train was kind of slow and my son in an intermediate state after enjoying London and its highlights. So I took my Iphone and shot this panorama pictures. Due to the movement great effects came into the pictures. They reminded me on the rakel technique used by Gerhard Richter for some of his paintings. Here is a selection of the photographies.    

shooting back with peace

bnonhoff/ October 10, 2017/ art, exhibition, gallery

Shooting back – contemporary artwork 2017 by Björn Nonhoff, Acryl on canvass, 220 cm x 80 cm, price: 1500,- Euro     creative process – making of the artwork shooting back The original artwork was inspired by water waves. Created in summer 2017 after a peaceful swim in the nearby lake Steinsee. In an atelier session, the tears were added and recorded as a video installation. In October 2017 in a shooting in Las Vegas more than 50 people were killed and a good friend of mine died a few days after. This all filled me with anger and sadness. So in an atelier session, the tears were added and doing

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bnonhoff/ January 24, 2017/ art, exhibition

L  O  N  E  L  Y Acryl on canvass 160 x 160 cm 1 0 4 7 , 0 0  e u r o now for sale in my shop for 950,- Euro Lonley  

#paperlove – contempory art

bnonhoff/ January 24, 2017/ Allgemein, art, exhibition, gallery, paperlove

E x h i b i t i o n  – #paperlove T h a n k   y o u   f o r   m a k i n g   t h i s   g  r  e  a  t   🙂 In January 2017 the artist Björn Nonhoff took his recent work and combined themin the rooms of the Kunstverein Ebersberg. A lot of people came and we had some great time, talking, looking, danying, enjoying art and life. Thank  for all your time and love . Here are some memories and movies from the exhibiton #paperlove 2017. a walk through the exhibition on sunday, after

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