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#innoart – art for innovative environments

bnonhoff/ January 19, 2018/ Allgemein

#Innoart placing of contemporary art in an innovation lab In the beginning, I was searching for places to hang my artwork. It was 2016 when I put some large unframed canvass on the walls of the stairway. They were fastened with some tape, which caused trouble, as the canvass was heavy and fell on the ground. The best were the comments, which were placed beside them. at that time my exhibition #paperlove happened, and It was time to put another value to my work and not put them anywhere. So they were removed from the innovation laboratory, framed, and put into an art gallery. The walls stayed naked. Not all of

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shooting back with peace

bnonhoff/ October 10, 2017/ art, exhibition, gallery

Shooting back – contemporary artwork 2017 by Björn Nonhoff, Acryl on canvass, 220 cm x 80 cm, price: 1500,- Euro     creative process – making of the artwork shooting back The original artwork was inspired by water waves. Created in summer 2017 after a peaceful swim in the nearby lake Steinsee. In an atelier session, the tears were added and recorded as a video installation. In October 2017 in a shooting in Las Vegas more than 50 people were killed and a good friend of mine died a few days after. This all filled me with anger and sadness. So in an atelier session, the tears were added and doing

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